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Time to start getting caught up

So, this has been taking up lots of my time in the past six weeks.  I am lucky to live in an area where downhill skiing is reasonably priced.  My daughter joined the local team and has been having a … Continue reading

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Hello 2015

Hello Readers, I read recently about the top ten most annoying things people do on their blogs, and one of them is to apologize after being absent.  And I want to apologize, I really do, but I also don’t want … Continue reading

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A Couple Scrap Quilts

I recently finished up the binding on a couple quilts almost entirely scrappy in nature. The first is a log cabin using widths of cut up jeans and khakis – all worn at one time to my family.  The red in … Continue reading

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Tidying Up

“Use it up!” — That’s been my mantra on many, many things lately. Whether it be the bags of oat bran that are clogging my freezer (from an impetuous 50-lb purchase several years ago–don’t ask…) or the shampoo that no one … Continue reading

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The State of Affairs

This winter has been frustrating. Frustrating because it’s so cold (-20 today) and the warmth of the woodstove beckons me like a lotus-flower of the ancient Greeks. I have not been to Yoga or Pilates in weeks; I have, however, … Continue reading

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Butterfly Blues

A friend got married in August 2012, and in the card, I said a homemade gift would be coming. Er, I gave it to her today. A table runner in the colors of her dishes, though I missed the red, … Continue reading

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Impusive Ambrosia

This was the last quilt I made in 2012 as I relaxed after Christmas by listening to Adriana’s Trigiani’s The Shoemaker’s Wife on audio book as I finished the binding. I named this quilt “Impulsive Ambrosia” because the purchase of … Continue reading

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