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Mindfully Back at It

I know, I know.  It’s been nine months…am I a serious blogger?  Probably not, but I’ve spent a good portion of the past months really thinking about mindfulness. When I started this blog, it was a way for me to … Continue reading

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In Praise of Cheap Yarn

I’m a yarn snob.  I admit it.  I will gladly pay more for natural fibers.  I love wool, angora, alpaca, mohair, and cashmere.  LOVE them and they way they feel in my hand as they slide from needle to needle. … Continue reading

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Hello (again)

I have some excellent excuses: + We bought a house…like the “we’re going to stay here for 20 years” kind of house, so…. + I’ve been painting nearly every room in the house.  Some 15 gallons of paint I purchased … Continue reading

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January in Progress

Oh January, where have you gone? This is normally my month to get it together.  Kids are back in school, my husband’s job gets busy (so he’s home later), and I start hammering at the projects. But so far, I’m … Continue reading

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The Dud Parade

Oh, I can knit an admirable hat or a much-appreciated pair of socks. Sweaters – – not so much. But I will conquer them.  And I’m starting by unraveling the following duds.  All sized poorly.  It will be the “Summer … Continue reading

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Tidying Up

“Use it up!” — That’s been my mantra on many, many things lately. Whether it be the bags of oat bran that are clogging my freezer (from an impetuous 50-lb purchase several years ago–don’t ask…) or the shampoo that no one … Continue reading

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Just a Monday Morning

I love Monday mornings. I know I’m in the minority. After a week-end of being on the go, I love the solitude of the house to myself after the kids get on the bus and my husband heads off to … Continue reading

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