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January in Progress

Oh January, where have you gone? This is normally my month to get it together.  Kids are back in school, my husband’s job gets busy (so he’s home later), and I start hammering at the projects. But so far, I’m … Continue reading

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Just a Monday Morning

I love Monday mornings. I know I’m in the minority. After a week-end of being on the go, I love the solitude of the house to myself after the kids get on the bus and my husband heads off to … Continue reading

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The State of Affairs

This winter has been frustrating. Frustrating because it’s so cold (-20 today) and the warmth of the woodstove beckons me like a lotus-flower of the ancient Greeks. I have not been to Yoga or Pilates in weeks; I have, however, … Continue reading

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The Ski Hat that Ran a 5k

My 14-year-old daughter spied a ski hat in REI that she wanted.  Smart girl knew not to bother asking me if I’d buy it for her.  Instead she asked if I would knit her one.  Meanwhile, my sister was shopping … Continue reading

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A Little Gifting

I recently finished some gifts that are on the verge of being out of season, but since we had the tiniest bit of snow flurries last Saturday, I’m going to ride the crest of blaming the weather. We gave these … Continue reading

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A Red and Orange Lesson

My daughter told me that her cousin, my niece, wants a knitted hat “because she’s never had one before.”  By that, I interpret never had a hand-made hat before.  When I was in Chicago, I stopped into Loopy Yarns, called … Continue reading

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Over Committed

I’ve only just begun to swatch.  And I’m really (really) hoping that swatches are all they are supposedly cracked up to be.  I’ve been studying Little Red in the City by Ysolda, which offers great insight between the swatch and … Continue reading

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