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A Couple Scrap Quilts

I recently finished up the binding on a couple quilts almost entirely scrappy in nature. The first is a log cabin using widths of cut up jeans and khakis – all worn at one time to my family.  The red in … Continue reading

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Tidying Up

“Use it up!” — That’s been my mantra on many, many things lately. Whether it be the bags of oat bran that are clogging my freezer (from an impetuous 50-lb purchase several years ago–don’t ask…) or the shampoo that no one … Continue reading

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A Snow Day Bonanza

School released early…AGAIN…because of an April snow storm. Happily it’s the first day after tax season, so it feels like a holiday on several levels to have my husband back in a “normal” capacity. The woodstove is blazing, the dog … Continue reading

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The State of Affairs

This winter has been frustrating. Frustrating because it’s so cold (-20 today) and the warmth of the woodstove beckons me like a lotus-flower of the ancient Greeks. I have not been to Yoga or Pilates in weeks; I have, however, … Continue reading

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Yarn Bombing the Library

I love the concept of yarn bombing.  To drop off a knitted piece in a public, unexpected way satisfies me in a happy-sort-of way.  Thus, I recently yarn bombed my local public library. This is my second yarn bomb.  The … Continue reading

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Sister Socks

I’ve been knitting socks lately. Mostly because socks knitting is so portable, thus making it easy to get in a few rows while waiting at the _______________ (fill in the blank – dentist’s office, school, ballet studio, etc.) When a … Continue reading

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Here’s what I haven’t done lately:  finish anything (and it’s driving me cr-a-zy), walk the dog who is the equilivant of a five-year-old age and energy wise, finish anything, take a yoga class, finish anything, go to lunch with friends, … Continue reading

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