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Mosiac Monday

Mosiacs – I love them.  Love the texture, the artistry, the history. But I’ve decided I don’t love making them.  They have a big “been there, done that” checkmark.  I don’t really like working with glass, which means glass shards … Continue reading

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Hard Stuff

I’ve said it before last month that I typically don’t do ceramics in winter, but my procrastinating Cub Scout son needs to finish a project to earn his badge.  So while I’d rather be working on Soft Stuff (working on a quilt top, … Continue reading

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Jane Austen’s “home” quote makes me happy

I picked this up on my way home today.  And I’m super excited because it turned out and because it makes me happy. I wrote about this when it was greenware last month, and now it’s finished, and I owe … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge

My friend over at Northern Cottage posted this photo challenge on her blog the other day.  I decided to do it too.  I find I like these compact little photo challenges because it’s only a month and because it tells me … Continue reading

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Wednesday Messes

Sewing two quilt tops…..cleaning and painting greenware…..knitting….. I had a wee bit of clay leftover from the summer, and I really admire MB Studios work on Etsy, so I decided to blatently copy her style with some quotes/verses that have … Continue reading

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My sewing machines are still being serviced, and while I’m chomping at the bit to get working on a fall coat, a tunic, a fairy costume, and that Mondrian quilt, I’m getting some hardware projects done instead. I typically buy a … Continue reading

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