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Badges, baby!

This may explain more of my psychology than I should share, but I love badges. Love them! I’m a total sucker for badge programs, which explains why I joined Mary Jane’s Farm girl Sisterhood and her plethora of badges for the things … Continue reading

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Tuesday Ramblings

Here’s what’s happening lately: Raspberries are summer gold in our house. The insects and other critters are coming out in droves. A snake slithered across my foot while I picked berries this morning. It was slightly unnerving. Last week my … Continue reading

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A Little Gifting

I recently finished some gifts that are on the verge of being out of season, but since we had the tiniest bit of snow flurries last Saturday, I’m going to ride the crest of blaming the weather. We gave these … Continue reading

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St. Cloud

I’m tagging along to another conference, so this is what a tax conference looks like to me: I started a new pair of socks; these are slated to be a Christmas present. Fabric!!  Gruber’s Quilt Shop is marvelous.  Nearly all … Continue reading

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Crafty Packing

It took me a while to realize that packing crafts for an event can be as tedious as packing a toddler for an night away from home. Back when scrapbooking was my craft du jour I often packed my trunk … Continue reading

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Blue: Part Two – Georgiana

The Georgiana shawl is finished. I started this in late March and finished it the day after Easter.  It knit up  surprisingly fast.  I’m happy with the color, which was not my original choice (as seen here), but I went with … Continue reading

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Er, Calm Down Already

So, I have a month off from work, my kids are back in school, and I am a bit of a freak with multiple projects at the present moment.  I’m hoping to start showing completed projects soon (very soon). Until … Continue reading

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