Here’s the deal on the name of this blog:

Because of my Scandinavian roots, I’ve always thought it was pretty cool that girls used to take their father’s first name with a “dattir” addition to it, like in the book Kristen Lavransdattir.  My dad’s first name is Lester, so I would get “Lestersdattir,” and while I love love love my dad, it didn’t have the effect I was after, especially considering that my friends just didn’t really get it (okay, they made fun of me).

So….my husband and I went to Hawaii to visit his childhood friend and his wife, whom I had never met before.  The good news is that she and I got on marvelously (love her).  Toward the end of our stay with them, I noticed a poster on their wall with all the names by which God is referenced in the Bible – there are well over 50 reference names such as “lamb,” “light,” “Alpha,” “bread” and the list goes on.

She asked me which name on the poster resonated for me, and I immediately was drawn to the Lion reference (Lion of Judah).  But I’m ashamed to admit that I balked and acted like I didn’t really know.

And then SHE said, “I’m really drawn to the Lion as I think of you and our conversations.”

Goosebumps lifted on my arms and I nodded at my new friend.  Hmmm, it’s all so mysterious, and I knew on the return flight that “Lionsdaughter” fit as my web moniker and possible company name.  I love how it references my faith, my father, and my friend.

(Oh, and I can roar a little if provoked!)


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