The Ski Hat that Ran a 5k

Lionsdaughter - Snappy Hat

My 14-year-old daughter spied a ski hat in REI that she wanted.  Smart girl knew not to bother asking me if I’d buy it for her.  Instead she asked if I would knit her one.  Meanwhile, my sister was shopping with us and ever so subtly badgered me to sign up for the Minneapolis Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day.  I was planning on “trotting” closer to home this year (a mile and a half closer to be specific), but my sister worked us over, and I caved.  I signed up my two daughters and declared that this year would be a girls-only Turkey Trot.

Later that day I stopped in at one of my favorite fabric and yarn shops, Crafty Planet, to buy the yarn for my daughter’s ski hat.  That’s when it occurred to me: “I should make us all matching hats for the Turkey Trot.”  Yep, I impulsively bought four skeins of Lambs Pride Bulky in a Cranberry color that my daughter picked out.  I had four weeks to make it happen.

Lionsdaughter Turkey Trot 5K

I found a free pattern on Ravelry: the Snappy Hat by Corrinna Ferguson.  And let me tell you, it’s a very “snappy” hat to make.  I made all four hats in about a week.  Easy Peasy.

My son and husband tried one on, and they declared they wanted one too.  So, I made two more in black.  Then I remembered I had some leftover yarn Lopi Bulky yarn from a previous project, so I made four more.  That’s right.  I made 9 hats in about a three-week time frame.  I was marginally obsessive, but cold winter winds were blowing!  Truth be told, knitting so quickly with bulky yarns and a cable needle caused my  hands to hurt just a little.  Second truth: I haven’t made this hat in two weeks, so any possible obsession passed peacefully!

Lionsdaughter - Lining

This hat does need to be blocked, but it was easy to do with a balloon blown up to 21-22 inches.  I also lined it with two inches of fleece to keep the forehead and ears from getting itchy from the wool (especially the Lopi).  Altogether it makes for an extremely cozy winter hat.


About lionsdaughter

I like to make things, lots of things, but not all things. I love to sew, knit, embroider, take pictures, scrapbook, dye fibers, work clay in the summer, garden. I want to try weaving, spinning, and stain glass work. I have no interest in auto body, upholstery, or tanning (either working animal skin or purposefully darkening my own).
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4 Responses to The Ski Hat that Ran a 5k

  1. caityrosey says:

    So cute. Family with matching hats. What a good idea.

  2. Wow, you were on a roll there! They look great, well done! And such a good idea with the fleece, I’ll definitely keep that in mind.

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