Wine Cork Corkboard

I finished this Corkboard a couple weeks ago and had planned to do a whole French post with Tarte Tatin and hat stands and a long-overdue embroidery project, but I am woefully behind in my craft projects.

Wine Cork Corkboard

Really, though, this project deserves its own post.

I enjoy a good glass of wine, but I’m not exactly a connoisseur.  So let’s just be straight: I did not drink all that wine!  Only a handful of the corks were lying around here.

Some came from Spooner Market and Grill; one of my favorite local restaurants.  Betsy gave me paper bagfuls every other month or so.

Spooner Market and Grill section

Some came from a trip to Massachusets where we visited Buon Appetito and were literally treated like rock stars with never ending tastes of nearly everything on the menu and a tour of the restaurant’s garden…because my friend Lynelle (pictured below) managed the place, and visitors from her home state of Wisconsin were few and far between.  My kids still talk about how amazing that dining experience was.  Of course it helped that Lynelle let them each have two shipped-in-from-Milan peach and lemon gelattos.  She also handed me a bagful of corks before we left, so I have an Italian section on the board.

Buon Appetito section

Some came from my trip to France, and this “Amour” cork still makes me smile.  We would ask at various restuarants if they had any corks to spare, and interestingly, many didn’t for reasons I never quite understood.  But at Bistrot Vivienne, this incredibly handsome man said I could have the cork if I said the word he pointed to – l’Amour – in French.  I did, and *sigh* he handed it to me as though he were giving me a gift.  I picked up most of my French corks from the amazing house in the country where we stayed; there were baskets full in the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Bistrot Vivienne section

If you look closely, there are two “missing” corks, but these will stay missing until I permanently hang the board, which probably won’t be until my next kitchen.  I’ll drill a hole in the board, fill in the corks, and be reminded of good memories.

Side view - Corkboard

Lastly, as I was trying to finish this project, I found more and more bottles now have synthetic corks that have no character and completely lack the texture of real cork.  If you’re inspired to make something like this yourself, start now.  Who nows how long it will be before real corks in wine bottles become an endangered cultural commodity!!


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I like to make things, lots of things, but not all things. I love to sew, knit, embroider, take pictures, scrapbook, dye fibers, work clay in the summer, garden. I want to try weaving, spinning, and stain glass work. I have no interest in auto body, upholstery, or tanning (either working animal skin or purposefully darkening my own).
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One Response to Wine Cork Corkboard

  1. Kristen says:

    First of all, LOVE this corkboard. “Pinning” it… now. Second of all, love YOU!
    Okay, just so that doesn’t sound creepy, this is your former-secret-sister and sweet-tooth-satisfied friend. Your family’s update was so cool – I think your son and my 8 year-old son are soulmates. Screen face indeed! And that chocolate bar. Oh, that chocolate bar… you knew that the peppermint chocolate combo was my favorite, how? Thank you SOOO much for thinking of me, and I hope you and your family had a lovely Valentine’s Day! ❤

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