A Learning Day

Remember I posted about Valentine the goat???

Remember I said I was going to do something crafty with her milk (hand expressed by yours truly)?

Today my friend Vanessa came over to teach me the finer points of making soap.  She is our local soap maven; check her out at http://heavenly-scents.org/

I meant to take more pictures than I did, but soap making is MUCH more precise than I knew, and I am not a precise kind of girl.  The correct ratios of lye to fat to fragrance need to be just right or else the soap will be too drying, too soft, too hard, too you-name-it.  Anyway, the above picture is showing the frozen goats milk added to the lye.  Mixing lye with liquid creates a steamy, hot concoction, so the frozen goats milk a) cools it off and b) doesn’t distort the color of the goats milk (apparently it will turn brown if used fresh).

I made a couple batches of one-pound mixes.  One is a full-goats-milk soap in lavender (above), and the other is a half-goats-milk soap in my own fragrance mix of sandalwood, lavender, and rose.  I know I’ll do it again this fall because I still have a bunch of frozen goat’s milk.  It takes a month for the soap to cure, so I won’t know until then if I’ll like my recipe or if I’ll like my second fragrance.  Until then I’ll have to purchase a digitial weighing system.


About lionsdaughter

I like to make things, lots of things, but not all things. I love to sew, knit, embroider, take pictures, scrapbook, dye fibers, work clay in the summer, garden. I want to try weaving, spinning, and stain glass work. I have no interest in auto body, upholstery, or tanning (either working animal skin or purposefully darkening my own).
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2 Responses to A Learning Day

  1. That looks good enough to eat. Are you sure that’s not fudge? =)

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