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The Sharpie Quilt

It took me a while to name this quilt.  You see, it’s for my 12-year-old daughter based on a random bit of artwork she did for her dad last year.  Because I am now “uncool,” I knew the name had … Continue reading

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And the record is….7

This is big cow-a-bunga news for me!!!!  Yesterday, while my kids were AT HOME, I was able to FINISH seven (7!!!) projects.  I’ll stop with the exclaimation points right now, but that is a HUGE accomplishment for me, considering that … Continue reading

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Amish Quilt Auction

Today my mom and I went to an Amish Quilt auction.  I’m not particularly enamoured by the Amish, but I do find them a curious subculture.  With their homemade clothing in shades of blue, green, and maroon, I sometimes wondered … Continue reading

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Mosiac Monday

Mosiacs – I love them.  Love the texture, the artistry, the history. But I’ve decided I don’t love making them.  They have a big “been there, done that” checkmark.  I don’t really like working with glass, which means glass shards … Continue reading

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Thrifty Blue – and a spot of orange

I found this crusty blue hat at a thrift store last week.  I won’t put it on my head because it’s the tiniest bit grubby.  I’m going to carefully take this baby apart and see if I can pattern it … Continue reading

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Upcycling Blue

This morning I spent some time on an upcycling project. Let me back-up.  I have a 9-year-old boy.  Do you know how hard boys are on their jeans?  I buy twice as many jeans for him as I do my … Continue reading

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