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Socks for the First Time

Last night I finished up my first pair of socks, and I don’t quite know how I feel about it. Sounds silly? Here’s the deal: First sock was a pain in the butt.  Big pain.  As in that heel gusset … Continue reading

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Back to work

All righty, my vacation is over, so that means it’s officially time to begin working on that “monkey-on-my-back” project that has been twirling around in my head for something like ten years.  It’s a writing project, and I am dedicated … Continue reading

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Wednesday Messes

Sewing two quilt tops… and painting greenware…..knitting….. I had a wee bit of clay leftover from the summer, and I really admire MB Studios work on Etsy, so I decided to blatently copy her style with some quotes/verses that have … Continue reading

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Er, Calm Down Already

So, I have a month off from work, my kids are back in school, and I am a bit of a freak with multiple projects at the present moment.  I’m hoping to start showing completed projects soon (very soon). Until … Continue reading

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