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Introducing the Chevron Quilt

Here’s the thing: I’ve only been reading blogs about a year now, and the one thing that amazes me is how quickly some bloggers get their projects done.  Bloggers appear to be         M O T I V A T E … Continue reading

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Vintage Thread (and a word about the weather)

I have a very small stash of vintage thread that was once my mother’s.  I’m ambivilent about using it because I don’t want to waste it on frivilous projects.  Except that on Saturday I picked up a quilt that I … Continue reading

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Super Easy Upcycling

A few months ago, I saw a scarf made from t-shirts in some organic/green catalog.  So I gathered a few t-shirts past their prime and made some myself. The colors on both of these shots aren’t super. Here’s a better … Continue reading

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Bag Lady

I’ve been called a “bag lady” by my friend Jill and by my dad.  They don’t know each other. See, on any given day, I may have my bag-like purse, another bag with knitting or sewing, another bag for work … Continue reading

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