Pink Linen

Way back in January, I made this pintucked shirt and blogged that it’s not so smart to pintuck prints.  So I decided that this summer I’d do it again in a solid, so I chose pink linen.

I have to admit that I’ve been watching old episodes of Project Runway, and it’s been inspiring me to work a bit more freely with my dress form, so I switched up the collar from the original quite a bit.  I like it, though it turned out a little more “sweet” than I intended.

 All in all, I’m happy with it, though I know its flaws, like the button not being centered between the collars, but I don’t aspire to perfection.

And a word about linen.  This was my first foray into making clothing from 100% linen.  I had to get used to the way it creases, though I suspect that I’ll try something with it in the future.


About lionsdaughter

I like to make things, lots of things, but not all things. I love to sew, knit, embroider, take pictures, scrapbook, dye fibers, work clay in the summer, garden. I want to try weaving, spinning, and stain glass work. I have no interest in auto body, upholstery, or tanning (either working animal skin or purposefully darkening my own).
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