Snow Day

Yep, it’s late March, and today my kids are having their first “snow day” of their school year.  We’re a hardy lot in Northern Wisconsin and only call off school for what some might call “severe” weather.  We’ve had our share of winter storms around here, but they’ve always happened on week-end or days that the kids already had off, so here it is…the snow day…

Ava has an assignment to “upcycle” for a science unit, so she made

Envelopes from Martha Stewart magazines.  They turned out pretty cool as Marth only uses the best glossy paper with excellent photography.  I mean that.  Meanwhile, I finished this:

 And I started this…

This will be Elisabeth’s Easter coat.

Kids are waiting for the computer, and I’ve got to help serve a meal at church.  Off I go.


About lionsdaughter

I like to make things, lots of things, but not all things. I love to sew, knit, embroider, take pictures, scrapbook, dye fibers, work clay in the summer, garden. I want to try weaving, spinning, and stain glass work. I have no interest in auto body, upholstery, or tanning (either working animal skin or purposefully darkening my own).
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